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there is a sonic disconnect between the guitar and the vocal. The guitar has a transparent, light touch, acoustic sound but the vocal is swimming in reverb. IMO they need to sound like they are occurring simultaneously.
Hi Hugh, thanks for your feedback! I appreciate you listening, and I agree, there's much more reverb "on" the vocal than the guitar. However, I recorded this with a single AB stereo pair of microphones, so the guitar and vocal were captured together as a single source. Only the smallest touch of reverb was added in post, so I'd say 90% (if not more) is coming straight from the mics capturing the reverb in the room.

In the past, I've recorded people in this scenario with a single mono LDC, but the reverb caught by that mic was very flat and, well, mono. Adding enough reverb to get a decent sense of stereo depth and dimension usually ended up being too much reverb in the mix.

Do you think I could have better handled the disconnect you're perceiving by placing the stereo pair closer to the artist? That would cut down on the direct-to-reverb balance overall.