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Old 7th September 2019
Here for the gear

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ok, we are getting closer...

So far it looks like these people are coming:

@ Mike P
@ clearside
@ kclements

Anyone else from GS wanna meet up for breakfast at the Griddle?

@ AlpacaRoom
@ VitaEtMusica
@ JohnFulford
@ ehrenebbage
@ Chuck.dallas

I also have a few people from outside Gearslutz that are coming too... so it should be fun!

I still haven't picked a day yet... But I was thinking maybe Wed Sept 25th in the morning... I could do Thurs morning but I figured Wed might be better since then we can keep running into the new people you met at the breakfast during the day and saying hi.
Hey Derek! THANKS for the invite! It was great meeting everybody there last year and having some tasty breakfast. Mom's French Toast was fantastic -- the food highlight of my trip! I'm bummed because I have a commitment in Houston (ugh!) the same time so I can't attend PMA or your breakfast get together this year. Hopefully it will work out next year.

Have a GREAT PMA and tell everybody 'Hi!' for me. If any of you ever come through Dallas and want some of the best TexMex or BBQ in the country, please let me know and I'll be your personal Uber.