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Old 7th September 2019
Lives for gear

I am involved in similar pursuits and I am glad you felt comfortable in posting this video for comment. The lighting and camera work certainly meet or exceed todays standards: the visual quality is strait forward and very appealing.
The audio portion however could be better IMO: there is a sonic disconnect between the guitar and the vocal. The guitar has a transparent, light touch, acoustic sound but the vocal is swimming in reverb. IMO they need to sound like they are occurring simultaneously.
The second and in some ways more important criticism of the vocal is dealing with a much kicked around question of style VxS substance. Most of the singer/song writers I have worked with understand the relevance between legibility and the attendant recognition factors that are paramount in selling lyrics.
I prefer to use a single tube mic in card pattern (Flea47 or AT4060) for acoustic guitar/vocal performance. 100 or more hours of monitoring with head phones will define the performers sweet spot in front of the mic. The mic will be in the visual capture window but should never be obstructing the face shot of the camera. Today it is very important to project a "live performance scenario" that is clearly not a pre recorded studio work over for the camera: if the goal is to attract live gigs.