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I don't understand this.

I have a Roland FA 06 and I was going crazy trying to figure out why the sound kept getting messed up. Due diligence, I checked everything.

Finally figured out something was telling the Attack Time Offset for the filter to change to +46, which makes the attack really long - not what you want on a Piano sound.

I could roll it back and it seemed fine.

I thought I had eliminated it. Basically I deleted everything but Note messages in a MIDI track.

I realized I hadn't yet saved the file (I had all these issues so hadn't done any real work to it yet).

So I Apple-S'd it, and gave it a name, and clicked the "Save" button and guess what - there it was - it changed the Attack Time in my Synth to 46 again.

I wound it back to 0.


So I experimented a bit and did a "Save as Template" thing. Clicked "Cancel".

Guess what. It did it again.

So it appears clicking the buttons in dialog boxes is sending messages to my keyboard (CC 74) to tell it to change.


Created a New track, click "Create", and guess what - the Attack time is at +26 (it was 46 at first, but that could have been something else).

how do I make it stop sending this message?
I would try resetting the NVRAM/PRAM and SMC on your Mac or just do a restart first if you haven’t already tried that.