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Reaper, Renoise, Studio One and Harrison Mixbus is the BEST

FL Studio is the Best

Pro tools is the Best

Din is Noise is the Best

Depending on what you want to make, how you want to make it and who you want to make it for and who with

There is one more but it's my secret!

All other daws are redundant, redumbted and repooped


For 100 dollars there is not a daw for you.

You will get pissed off

Get the Studio One starter bundle for 200 or less and you will like it.

While using that save for FL studio License, then you can use all of the studio one gear with it. If you do it ill teach you the game.

All other posts on the internet besides this one are not legit.

Also only get involved with romances that like making music, excersize twice a day , sleep as much as you can, and eat right.

Do this and you'll win. In a group just watch the others wild out and get faded. Before you know it youll be getting mad royalties off your ascap and bmi accounts. is your friend.

Do it right. Do it your way. The rest of the internet is fake.