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Doesn't the current MixPre have 32bit converters technically? The new ones are floating point whatever that brings to the table right?
I don't see that as a huge deal but maybe I'm missing something.......

Given what it has in it a Mixpre is amazing for the money. I think they're able to capitalize on the design. A DI would be great but not sure how they'd do that if you use a control surface...... Yeah the reverb bug is annoying and CS is fantastic!......... Hope they continue updates and don't see why not. The new units aren't that different.......
The first generation had 32 bit converters, probably the same ones as the new series, but they could not record a 32 bit float file. Only the internal processing was 32 bit. I don't know if I would ever record in anything greater than fixed 24 bit, but the improbability of digital clipping even without limiters makes the 32 bit float resolution somewhat appealing.