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Yes. I listened to this directly on a computer, and through my rig (ProAc's).

Careful with the 650's - I have them and they are fantastic, but they tend to make highs and lows sound very smooth and pleasant, which often does not translate very well in the "real" world - a set of Apple earbuds is a good second reference.

I would definitely try removing the big snare 200h boost - that is occupying bass-territory energy for most likely little sonic gain - not sure what/how your compressing/limiting but that may be triggering your compressor(s) as well squashing everything needlessly.

My aging ears defines the ice-pick higher, around 7k and up.

To see what I hear, just take the mp3, put it back into your DAW and use an EQ that has an analyzer on it - its pretty clear (attached Home Inside My Head graph) - things to note is the low end is sloped "oddly" (over-wide multi-band?) and that upper-mid/high tilt on everything.

Hope this helps.
Yeah that's what I did but your graph looks completely different than mine but I was using the built in frequency/spectrum analyzer in Reaper.