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After more thoroughly reading past posts, I did see IRCAM Panoramix listed by Plush as a tool to deal with this need (Ambi+spots).

Are there other tools and/or techniques used?

Thanks, again.
There are a plethora of free tools to mix spot mics into ambisonics since the emergence of 360 video. My basic procedure is to upsample any 1st order recordings into 3rd order with the Blue Ripple Harpex Upsampler, sticking with 3rd order through mixing and for the master. I think the easiest way in is to use Reaper with the Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation as the foundation of your mix, then work in other plug-ins from Blue Ripple, IEM, aalto Sparta, Kronlachner's ambiX suite, etc. There are a bunch of free options, but the best stuff to my ears is from Blue Ripple.