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I am looking to buy some tone shaping/harmonic tool for my 2bus. I am currently summing thru a folcrom using different mic pre from project to project. I have a great 2bus chain that I like for compression and EQ. I am currently looking to change my summing for the Shadow Hill, it's a useful tool and I love the sound of it too.
But I want something to shape the tone of the whole mix, give it a character and unique sound.

I am currently looking at the overstayer stuff. I was also thinking of the CAPI audio Bacon, but I don't think it's enough to do what I want.
I could grab a SPL twintube, but I have not tried it before.

What would be your recommendation, the one you can't mix without.

I am also thinking for tracking purpose, but I don't need more mic pre's!!

Thank you
I’ve tried a lot of great outboard on my mixbuss and the LTL Silver Bullet is by far my fav. It does exactly what you describe that you’re looking for. Brad also offers a return period if you try and feel it’s not for you