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I think you still have a lot of work to do on the communication part. I was in the exact same boat as Backwoods, fully paid, not hearing anything back. Only after several emails that I had to initiate and a call with Camila did I learn that the transformers were stuck in customs. Anyone waiting on a Pultec should have gotten an email about this delay. Its perfectly understandable that this is somewhat out of your control, but not communicating this to your customers just leaves us feeling like you don't care about us. You promised better communication, but if anything it seems like it's gotten worse.
I agree but it's not like that

I gave Camila the instruction to call every client on the phone to let them know about this and unfortunately she has been off sick for a week so I have been phoning up customers to explain rather than sending an impersonal email which I am not a fan about. Camila is back today and after she clears her inbox will resume calling. I am getting some transformers today and more next Friday and I feel terrible about this because it just looks bad on us. I can only apologize.

If you ever speak to me or meet me you will understand my passion for this machines is almost as strong as my care for my customers, I always do everything in my power to make them happy and have made countless friends over the years but there are many of you, thousands, and it's a daily challenge

I am happy to give you a call anytime and I am doing everything I can for this Pultec's to leave ASAP