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Mojo ..

In what sense

grit, clarity, depth? ... try class-A discreet, try a Great River MAQ-2NV (a cleaner mastering neve)

smoothness, punch, texture? ... try lots of inductors, Knif Soma is king there

grip, control, sheen, modern? .. you're wanting a PWM or VCA stage, Crane Song STC-8, or Dangerous bus compressor there

if you can define the sound you want in your head, you can find which topology/components tend to lend itself to that and start narrowing down the proper units for a more intensive in-studio evaluation
I’m not searching for something specific, I’m wondering what orher people use to get a certain mojo. Right I get depth and space from my summing, of course I like what tube brings to depth.

I’m a currently searching for stuff to add texture to the mix. Much like when the half inch machine or when I use the unfairchild. But i’m curious to see what other people use or like.

I am currently looking at the spl twintube and the neve design tape emulator.