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Lives for gear
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It seems they are supporting it atm.Im using 2.6.No glitches or limitations.Ive had the Live and X and i really prefer this with the software right there.Build quality and feel also.
Yeah its hard to follow the posts at the Akai forums because, I hate to say it, alot of those people that post there haven't the first clue what theyre even doing with their computer let alone installing a driver haha. Seen a couple people with some issues with the latest MacOS and the Ren over at the MPC Forums but I cant remember if they got taken care of or not..

Not even kidding, theres one on the local Craigslist for $900 HAAAAAAAAAAAAH.
The best part is, when you reorder the ads by date, it pops up right along side a 5000 for the same price, and a whole crapload of Lives for cheaper, with the usual load of $300 2000s hah. I was gonna email him and offer like $300 but I didnt wanna be the guy that had to break his heart and tell him that its not one of the 'real' MPCs worth $900 hehe.