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Old 5th September 2019
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Yesterday I got a Anubis demo set up. On my new i7 machine, works well. My review will be basically my perception of the audio quality. I'm not an expert or engineer like many of you.
The first thing I did was play some files. The DAC definitely sounds different from what I'm used to. The piano seemed to ring more distinctly. Highs were possibly brighter or more focused. Everything I played sounded different possibly better. Then I recorded a needle drop listening to the vinyl, immediately listening to the recorded file. Yesterday my impression was that the recorded file sounds more dynamic than the vinyl sounded. Today on a different record my impression is that they sound pretty much the same.
When listening to the needle drops compared to the ones I recorded with the Focusrite Forte the difference is less distinguishable listening with the headphones. The headphone output is a considerable improvement over the Forte.

Aside from that it seems well built a little heavy which is nice having heavy cables plugged into it. There is a learning curve once I got the basic functions figured out I like working with it.

So if I decide that I like how the DAC sounds, different is not always better I will get one.