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@ VennD68 - question for you. Do you know which keybed is in the 88-key variant? If it's the same as in RD-2000, intrigueing (but not €4k intrigueing).

Also, regarding the sliders. I hope Roland didn't make the huge mistake where you can only pick a single MIDI CC and it would be set for all sliders, just over different MIDI channels/parts? This is the one huge downside of RD-2000 I cannot believe they would make such a blunder. Then again, Roland did have a fair share of blunders...

We should be able to freely decide which MIDI CC should be assigned to which individual slider, and over which MIDI channel it should send. That's how a proper MIDI controller is supposed to work, and not that half-assedness that Roland put in RD-2000 (which would be really splendid otherwise, but coming from Kurzweil which has THE BEST MIDI controller implementation in the universe, it's like going from U.S.S. Enterprise to a donkey).

Also... 256 scenes. Why is Roland refusing to give us more user memory for storing patches/scenes/whatever? This is 2019... Kronos can store thousands of user patches and all factory programs are OVERWRITEABLE. Really baffling.