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Old 4th September 2019
Lives for gear

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ok, we are getting closer...

So far it looks like these people are coming:

@ Mike P
@ clearside
@ kclements

Anyone else from GS wanna meet up for breakfast at the Griddle?

@ AlpacaRoom
@ VitaEtMusica
@ JohnFulford
@ ehrenebbage
@ Chuck.dallas

I also have a few people from outside Gearslutz that are coming too... so it should be fun!

I still haven't picked a day yet... But I was thinking maybe Wed Sept 25th in the morning... I could do Thurs morning but I figured Wed might be better since then we can keep running into the new people you met at the breakfast during the day and saying hi.
I think so! Still sorting out my schedule for the trip but Weds looks pretty good.