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Old 4th September 2019
Here's the current running development machine..

So there'll be a more in-depth update soon.

In a nutshell.

Revision 2 of the UI board is complete, we're testing it now, making notes on the small changes that need to be made for it to be production ready.

As you've already seen, I'm hard at work getting all the physical components together such as enclosures, parts etc.. getting ready for manufacture.

We're now creating the revision 2 Audio engine board. and we've made some hefty changes to this one.

Here's what we're working on for the next version of the board.

- Stereo Line in w/ integrated phono pre-amp (switchable between original analogue input antialiasing filters, or 'direct')

- Stereo Mix out

- Adjacent channels can be 'linked' to play back stereo files.

- High Speed USB, to enable audio i/o over USB (piping audio in/out from a DAW) should also provide high speed transfer between computer and SD card in the machine, so you don't have to remove the card..

-Upgrading processor to the flagship series (should leave penty of room for future ideas and audio dsp fx)

- 1/8" Clock I/O (syncing to volcas and the like)

-Moving to full size SD card (micro SD impractical in a case like this)

- Headphone amp (with its own codec, essentially giving another 2 output channels, so channels can be monitored independently of main output)

- Headers and I/O for Filter Daughtercard. we'll be releasing a full 8 channel SSM (SSI) analogue filter card. Daughtercard for several reasons, 1, it adds a fair bit of cost, and not everyone is bothered about analogue filters. 2, It means we can do cards with different types of filters, 8xCEM or 8xSSI or *Ladder etc..

- Doubling the onboard flash to 256MB (2Gb) mo factory sounds (user replaceable)