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Here for the gear

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Shachar from SoundBetter here.

SoundBetter keeps a 5% commission for jobs we facilitate.
There is an additional 3% processing fee by our payment processor.
That's it.

Regarding the Premium Program - you don't need to be premium provider to have a portfolio or get work. Approximately half of the work on the platform is performed by basic (non-premium) providers. Having said that there are a few hundred premium providers and tens of thousands of basic providers, so premium providers are much more likely to get work on a per-provider basis. Premium providers get increased visibility and show up above basic providers.

The premium program is by application and we accept a small percentage of applicants taking into account skill and experience, as well as platform need at that time for their specialty. This allows us to float providers we've had an opportunity to vet and feel good about introducing to clients, while keeping a balanced marketplace ensuring we can provide premiums with a good return on their investment.

Your idea to direct offline clients to hire you through SoundBetter. We've seen providers do this and it's worked for them. Having vetted reviews on a 3rd party platform increases trust in your profile for remote clients considering hiring you. Clients also feel better about hiring through SoundBetter than directly. In addition, getting many verified reviews boosts your visibility on SoundBetter, which typically translates to more work from clients that we bring to the platform.

We have delivered over $18M worth of work to the pros on the platform so far.
You can read some reviews by clients and providers here:
I could not find that info anywhere on the site when I signed up as a provider... thank you!

Maybe put that info up on the FAQ?
Thanks for the feedback bgood.
You'll see the fee when you create a proposal to respond to a client inquiry.
We'll also look to add it to the FAQ.