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Hi I was wondering if some knowledgeable acoustics person could answer a very straightforward question. If I have a completely dead room bass trapped to hell with low density fiberglass on all walls, and ceiling, and want to use timber slats with a thickness of 1cm over the 4 walls, what frequencies can I expect to be reflected back into the room? I am sure there is a threshold where frequencies below a certain point are absorbed into the treatment behind the slats. Can anyone help with this?

Download AFMG demo version and type in your data using slotted panel. You will find that the simple diffraction rule does not apply ( "any wavelength smaller than the slat width is going to be reflected" ).

For the start, another tool:

For 9 cm slats, the wavelength would be 3.7 khz.

But apparently, the absorber will not strictly behave like that, there will be a large transistion phase and this has to be taken into account when designing the room.


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