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The 4k and X/live both have great filters.Very different tho.The 4k filters sound thicker/heavier but you have to go really easy on the resonance.Live/X/software are thinner but more detailed imo.I love the 8 pole high pass

-The 4k effects are pretty good too.No thrills hardware effects and quite detailed.Everything about the Live/X ect is more software related.So obviously more complex.Really like them.My setup at this moment is working well.Sending digital material (Ipad ect) through the MPC1000 (roughing it up) and the SP404 and into the REn/Software for rearanging and enhancing/controlling.This is a good honest no nonesense setup.Altho the Ren is a great piece i dont even really need it with the software and Motu soundcard and controller (for instance MPC1000 ect) or just clicking around on the screen.I prefer the Ren/software to the Live and X.Would be cool to be able to control the software with the ipad tho....
Hey if you dont need your Ren, send it over here, I could use the extra Q-Links myself! :D