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Not all cameras are equal. The Sony A7 for example doesn't have AGC. The Sony Alpha series allows manual gain setting, but it has a limiter that you can't disable. But if you feed a not too hot signal and set the level low there are not the kind of artefacts and "pumping" AGC circuits often produce.
You can't set levels by yourself if you're using the inbuild mic, but as soon as you connect an external mic you can switch the auto-gain off. I owned a 6300 and now a 6400, don't know the older 6000.
For Canon DSLRs there is a unit that disables the AGC.

Kind of weired on the Sony Alphas: if you are in automatic mode (cause you know audio far better than video) it doesn't allow to set the audio-level by yourself: you did already admit that you're too stupid by choosing the A-mode, we do this for you, you don't know nothing anyway.....

Just for the fun of it: this is a few seconds of a friend of mine playing acustic guitar. Used a cheap chinese shoeps ORTF copy into the mix-pre into the mic-in of the camera. I just wanted to test the mic. Noise is from my Fender barstool. Exported the audio using quicktime:

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