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IMO this conversation won't take us anywhere, because both of us are a bit biased. And to this day, Stuart hasn't gone AWOL on me. I'm not saying he won't but he hasn't still, unlike others.
I wish you the best & hope everything works out. For myself at this point I'm trying to just deal with the fact that I've been ripped off. As I pointed out in an earlier post, there really isn't any recourse or refund option. This kind of treatment is a blight on what is a niche industry, casting shade on all the smaller DIY room designers -- and myself for even bringing it up. I figure at the very least, my experience will be a warning to others.

Meanwhile I am still working through my build and get to look forward to starting the process of finding someone to work with all over again. Which is what prompted me to add to this thread.

To Northward, I agree with a lot of your points. I think it's up to individual designers to decide how much to share or not share. Even after reading Rod's book, Owsinski & Everest, I feel I'm just understanding the broad strokes in a field where the details really matter.

Your point about market segments and orders of magnitude is well taken. But there is definitely a market for those who have just enough budget for a semi serious facility in a small-ish space that we have to build mostly by ourselves or with minimal help. Finding those who are interested in this kind of client is an uphill climb. I think it's almost a given that it will fall to people who are active online since we're dealing with a range of inexperience here. Online forums & social media is where this market segment hangs out. I think that a lot of the designers you refer to who have a serious pedigree are also in that higher magnitude which moves in professional circles and architectural digests. Which is to say, well out of the range of many of us who would be reading this thread. And I'm not trying to disparage either group. But I disagree with the notion that the whole effort is pointless if you don't have at least 3500ft³ and a six figure budget.

I guess what I'm trying to say is there is a spectrum of cost, labor and results between a tiny untreated closet and world class recording facility. It's surely a parabolic curve where as quality goes up, cost and effort go up exponentially. Everyone interested in recording has their ideal spot on the curve (and I'm sure at some point you really are better off just recording direct and mixing with headphones). I'd like to think mine is within my price range, but I'd like to find someone - both qualified and honest - to help me get there.