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The Blackmagic Pocket 4k has mini-XLR inputs, which opens up a lot more options for good sound than the 3.5mm input. The Micro Cinema Camera only has the 3.5 mm so options are more limited there. For my Micro, I do the same thing DirkP suggests above: I use a MixPre recorder with good mics and do line-in to the Micro's 3.5 mm. The sound quality's quite good -- you can hear a sample in the first and last clips here: That's using the camera-recorded audio, which was good enough that I didn't even have to bother syncing the file from the MixPre. The more distant ocean sounds in later clips were recorded using the Micro's built-in crappy mics; the choral singing in the church was recorded with good mics on the MixPre and fed into the camera.