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That is true, we don't announce the dot versions but we do have a very good reason for it. As I mentioned previously, there are limits to testing possibilities which is why we make those versions available. That gives us a chance to see how the update performs in the real world, outside the Beta Community groups, and deal with the problems accordingly. That's the point when the release is no longer in Beta and is available publically.

At that point, however, we are flooded with support requests regarding all the unforeseen problems and it's just about as much as we can handle in the support team, sometimes more. This gives us a chance to work on these things and take care of the major problems before announcing the update publically.

If we made a public announcement with the first iteration (and the smaller ones following), things would grind to a halt and we'd have much more on our hands that we can possibly deal with. There is a fine line here - yes, we do have to release and deal with the problems we find, but we certainly cannot announce it to 30 000+ users before we've made sure that the release is stable.

So you can see how there is a bit of a conflict here - imagine what this thread would look like (and others) if we were to publically announce the initial release back in July
Ok that's fair enough. Thanks for the clarification.