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We are actually sending out mail regarding the updates every time we have an official release as well as other topics like new posts in our blog section (all new as well, some really cool content there, if you haven't yet visited).

If you're not getting those newsletters you're probably not on the mailing list for some reason. To join, go to the blog page here and enter your email address at the bottom. Also, in the coming 4.4 there will finally be an 'update available' notification too. By the way, a big surprise is coming in 4.4 - another widely requested feature will be implemented, and it's a big one!. Stay tuned for the 4.4 Beta, it should be available in the installer later this week.

We'll also look into the crash that soapmak3r mentioned, please contact us here regarding that.

I am on the mailing list and I do receive your newsletters. I was referring to dot version releases. For example, the last newsletter I received from Sonarworks was about the eBook and at the bottom of the email there was reference to the 4.3.5 release. I received this newsletter on 22.08.19. However, was actually released on 14.08.19. 4.3.4 was released on 13.08.19 and 4.3.3 was released on 08.08.19.

Any time there is a new dot version release, customers should be notified via email instead of hearing about it on this forum or randomly checking the Sonarworks website.