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I know that an external recorder is the ideal. But that's not my question. I'd like the best possible setup to feed into a 3.5mm input.

I have gotten decent sound on a 3.5mm input with Rode mics. I'm using blackmagic micro and pocket 4k cams.
That's interesting...maybe there's a whole new vista of cameras with (finally !) good onboard sound recording ?

Is this model the one you're using by any chance ?:

The above video would suggest otherwise (ie that the onboard audio is sufficiently good) because they advocate the slimline Centrance Mixerface R4 as both a 3.5mm feed to the BlackMagic (for syncing purposes only) and as a discrete SD card recorder...similar to the Tascam mentioned above.

You'd typically import this SD card audio into your video editing software, and sync it to the 'rough cue audio' of the 3.5mm sync source...and then immediately discard the rough cue material....

The reason for most in-camera audio being so poor is that the mic can only be supplied with low voltage Plug-In Power, and because the camera input metering is typically well as the inbuilt limiting to prevent overloads which typically compromises the available dynamics.

I'm pleased to hear that you're receiving 'decent sound' via the 3.5mm input and Rode on-cam mics, but the reviews I've seen to date suggest that all 3.5mm-source sound is pretty compromised, right out of the starting gate ?

There's simply a huge un-bridgeable crevasse between your "larger cam with phantom I use a schoeps CMC MK 4 - which sounds great" ....and all of the 3.5mm input sound quality alternatives, which no standalone on-board microphone can remedy.

I'm hoping I'm wrong about all this...and that someone can chime in here with lived experience of a stellar on-camera mic that negates all of these caveats

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