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This just strikes me as the wrong -- er, not the most productive -- way to approach an MPE controller. I would say: if you want to apply some vibrato to a pad, wiggle your finger(s). If you want to control filter cutoff, apply pressure directly to filter cutoff, or maybe to a filter envelope with short attack & 100% sustain; when you want the filter open wider, press harder. Don't use velocity for anything but attack transients.

I play LinnStrument; that, and my previous experience with wind controllers, made it very evident to me that most synths are designed with standard keyboards in mind, even though there's nothing inherently keyboardish about synthesis. This struck me even with Equator: it has fantastic modulation capabilities for MPE signals with up to 4 custom curves per dimension per patch, but the vast majority of patches seem oriented to keyboard players who want to bend the occasional note and apply poly aftertouch to fiddle with the tone a bit. So far, Bazille (which I've had for a lot longer than Equator) is my main go-to softsynth, and my spider sense hasn't tingled enough for any of the hard synths folks have mentioned to take the plunge.
Yeah, I hear what you are saying, but there are just a lot of times I want to do something like use velocity to control filter cutoff and envelope amounts for the transient, but also use pressure to control filter cutoff for later in the note event, and that is where I find that the Rise’s pressure messages can interfere with the transient. That’s why Equator has a way of adjusting the threshold of the pressure. I just wish I could adjust this inside the controller itself. Roger Linn told me that the Linnstrument does indeed allow for exactly this.

Anyway, no longer really care. I love the Rise and for those times when it doesn’t quite behave the way I want it to, I revert to my GEM S2. I came to the conclusion that I just like a synth action poly pressure controller sometimes and MPE isn’t always what’s needed. There isn’t a single answer for me. That’s fine. Between the Rise, the S2 and guitar/bass, I’ve got plenty of ways to poorly express myself.