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Hey Everyone,

Karl here from SW support!

It's a lengthy thread to address everything, I'll try my best to touch on the major stuff. Before I proceed though, it should be mentioned that our presence on channels like this hasn't been very consistent - our apologies for that. Except for Rudi from our marketing team, kudos to him for his sleepless nights on Gearslutz, social media and other platforms! Also, keep in mind that despite being a recognized name worldwide, we’re still running a startup here on very limited resources too.

Nonetheless, we’re doing our best to address all of the software issues and feature requests as quickly as we can. There is a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes and we are very proud of the milestones our developers have been able to hit this year, not least with the help and contribution of other departments and all the people involved.

The reason why we’ve had so many setbacks lately is the new Systemwide driver. In short, we’ve rebuilt Systemwide from the ground up - new driver, new looks, new features and functionality - everything’s brand new. Taking on Systemwide for a complete re-build is quite the challenge, to say the least. Obviously, there are some unforeseen consequences attached, as it is impossible to test on all hardware/software setup combinations out there (BTW, huge thanks to the brave souls of Sonarworks Beta Community facebook group and others who installed and tested each iteration of the 4.3 Beta - the blood, sweat and tears you’ve suffered shall not be in vain!!!).

Eventually, a point comes when a limit on testing possibilities simply forces us to release and deal with it. It’s often the case that trial by fire is the best thing you can do to step up your game too, but for those of you getting stuck with the new update for any reason - the previous versions are always available on the legacy downloads page. Naturally, it’s always a bit disappointing to see people push the narrative of “don’t update, it sucks”, especially having put all that hard work into it (see the release notes for 4.3, 4.3.2, 4.3.3, 4.3.4 and 4.3.5 here to get a better understanding of what I’m on about - the list of bug fixes implemented is very extensive, it’s no just new features). It’s also very difficult to assess the scope of issues when you have users running many different versions of the software and avoiding the latest ones. But that’s an unavoidable part of the job description and totally understandable - people have work to attend to. Many of us simply don't have time for investigating, collecting crash logs, taking screen captures and all that lot. Not to mention the idea of being a tester for any of the software you’ve bought and paid for in the first place.

It does, however, help us a great deal if you can find time to contact us - those details make all the difference for the time it takes to investigate the given problem for a fix. I’ll briefly go over the current state and things we’re looking for:

1. The new ‘Restart Audio Playback Enige’ feature - implemented and working. The Playback Engine failure dialog also implemented and the false failure dialog on start-up is fixed. We are now monitoring the playback engine performance and the behavior of the failure dialog, if it’s popping up where it shouldn’t, please let us know (BTW, disconnecting your interface during playback doesn’t count - that’s perfectly reasonable for the message appear :DDD ). Aslo, all notifications can be turned off in the Settings.

2. The new output device takeover logic implemented in working as intended, and of course an ON/OFF function implemented too, after getting a ton of feedback from users having issues with it. Detailed explanation here.

3. Most audio dropouts/stutters taken care of, but some still left out there. Confirmed on Windows + audio interface, but not really confirmed using Systemwide with built-in output instead. Some weird behavior on Mac too, but nothing exact confirmed. Note that 4.3 is only stable and officially supported from OS 10.12 onward - audio artifacts are expected if you’re running 4.3 on an older OS version. Please contact us if you’re experiencing any of those issues - this one’s high priority and we’re lacking the information we need!

4. Systemwide is now showing up as Windows Audio in Studio One output settings. It’s fully functional with the exception of Exclusive Mode in Studio One - it has to be turned off. If not, a constant error message of a stereo configuration error will keep popping up (so far it seems like it’s a Studio One issue, more on that on our FAQ page soon).

5. AU plugin in Logic - ongoing issue of Logic crashing, when Reference is being operated on the master output. This one’s been around for a very long time, more so lately. We still haven’t managed to replicate the problem on any of our testing machines or get anywhere despite having sent proper crash logs by a couple of users. Please contact us if you’re available for a Teamviewer session if you’re having this issue!

There is always more stuff to add, don’t dispair if you don’t see an issue you’re getting stuck with mentioned here - there is a long list of bugs and edge cases still to be taken care of. Also, we cannot promise to catch threads like these in time or comment on them, I hope you don’t hold it against us. Write to us at [email protected] or submit a support ticket here (we prefer the latter as it makes our job a little easier). We also have some plans on modifying our FAQ and Community Page sections in the coming months, make it easier to use, look a little nicer and few other things too - should make it easier to find things and start your own threads. The idea is to make it a place you actually want to go to, if having a bad day

Spiral Out, Keep Going!

Kārlis Stenders
Head of Support at Sonarworks
Thanks for the update. I will say that although I think what your company is achieving is awesome, your company’s communication about version updates are pretty much non-existent.

It would be useful to email your customer base when an update becomes available and not through an irregular newsletter.

Keep up the good work!