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I'm interested in this as well. I'm trying to decide if it is worth making the jump from my Motu 16a the the Orion 32HD Gen 3. Obviously it would give me more inputs/outputs which I do need. I'm curious about the conversion quality though. I could just get another used Motu 16a much cheaper for the same number of inputs/outputs if the conversion difference is negligible.
See if you can get someone to do the test. I've been asking around but no luck so far.

I've doing a lot of serious listnening tests with files from this test. I've been comparing the lynx aurora n with antelope studio, pure 2, motu 16, motu 24 i/o ( since that's the one I've got right now ) and I must say that there's not som much difference except for the lynx. It's just a whole other league.