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What sort of camera are you using it with....a handicam-cam type video camera, or a DSLR, or something else ?

I believe the concensus around this forum is that there's little point getting a mic (stereo or mono) of any significant performance status for use with 3.5mm input sockets....because the mic preamp specs (noise, headroom and general fidelity ) within these cameras are generally of a very low level.

It's usually only when you work with cameras having xlr mic inputs (and 48 volt phantom power) that you expect something approaching a decent mic input.

The usual recommendation is to feed the camera with a 3.5mm output (only for sync purposes) from an attached dedicated audio recorder ( which mates snugly against the camera body via an included mounting plate).

Such a recorder is not expensive, and will typically give far better audio recording capability than any of the onboard mic sections of your DSLR or lower budget handi-cam type video-cams.

The Tascam DR70D is a good example of the sort of audio recorder which will give the necessary high level of audio quality, sufficient to warrant the use of good quality external mics. The Tascam also has an onboard spaced pair of Omni mics, which are likely better than those attached to most non-pro cameras. It also has 4 discrete mic inputs, which allows you to engage in more complex miking than is possible with the simple stereo Rode type mics you've mentioned.

Good audio is worth spending some money on, as it's often the Achilles Heel of video making, the low-priority, low budget afterthought of the camera maker's design brief !

Tascam's DR-60D is a cheaper option, while the DR701D give you timecode generation for even tighter syncing potential with there's plenty of opportunity to find a price point and features list that suits your requirements

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