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Also I don't get it why one need a special MPE capable monosynth (eg. Micromonsta). I think every monosynth should work, because there is no poly aftertouch or poly pitch bend or other poly CCs.
Micromonsta is a polysynth, thats why its MPE capabilities are touted.

Lack of suitable pitch bend range on some synths is one thing that can make MPE controllers painful to use with general monosynths.

For me it's also a little bit strange that on Roli HW the 5D CCs are not simply configurable via Dashboard. I have the feeling that Roli wants that you need to use their SW synths.

CCs are only for one dimension of touch anyway - slide (y axis). CC74 is the MPE standard for this but its configurable on most MPE controllers these days, even Roli ones. Other dimensions of control do pitch bend, velocity, release velocity, aftertouch (often configurable between polyAT and channel AT, with channel AT being the MPE standard but polyAT being useful for some non-MPE synth uses).

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Quantum and ModX are the ones that come to mind these days. I have not heard any demo:s or jams doing this yet though. Would love to hear the results.

Doesn't the Blofeld run into memory problems rather quickly when doing multitimbral stuff? That's what kept me from getting one for this purpose so far.

If the UDO super6 becomes MPE compatible, I'm getting one for sure!
Quantum is not MPE capable - hopefully that gets added at some point. It has USB host post, can receive poly aftertouch messages and use them in the mod matrix, and the synth has 2 layers, so can get some of the way there, but not really close to full MPE support at this stage.

UDO Super6 should be MPE compatible, it even mentions MPE on the front panel!