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Old 2nd September 2019
Mic for camera - music

I've been using Rode's camera mics for years. The stereo videomic X has great sound quality. I'd have no issues using it in a studio recording. But it's bulky for a hand held camera. The stereo videomic pro has a nice form factor, but the audio quality isn't great. (Good for the price, though). What can gearslutz community suggest? Stereo is good, but I'd also take a very good mono. Looking for a setup that can plug in a 3.5mm camera input. High gain. Acoustic music is primary use.

On a larger cam with phantom I use a schoeps CMC MK 4 - which sounds great.

Looking to know what's the best of the best of what's out there. Small and light enough to mount on a handheld cam.

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