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Old 2nd September 2019
Here for the gear

I use mine with my Waldorf Blofeld module, and it works great. I originally picked up a used Seaboard Block for $100, but a week later I scored a RISE 25 for $349. I was already proficient with programming in Multi Mode, since I'd been using an Event Processor Plus to send up to 6 notes to separate midi channels, like a 6-voice polysynth, and also using the Blofeld with the Fishman TriplePlay guitar pickup, which works the same way; you load the same patch into each of the (up to) 16 slots of a Multi patch, but when you tweak something you just have to save that patch and they all update. Takes about a second. I program everything from scratch, but just work with the individual patch (with midi set to Omni) until I get it about 90% there, then make those final tweaks in Multi mode. The Roli Dashboard software was updated a few months ago to let you assign the CC # for each control, so the CC 74 thing is no longer an issue for the Blofeld. Long story short, they are perfect for each other!