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Turns out that there is a way to predict the answers I was asking, despite the limited information, and I was thankfully given it on another forum by a veteran studio designer.

Just wanted to say thanks to those on this forum that tried to help.
I hope it's not the "answer" I gave you on PRW because as I told you there:

This is totally theoretical and I would not and do not advise using these numbers in a real situation.

Frankly, it would be stupid to use these numbers. They are the bare theoretical minimum.

I'm also a bit disturbed by the way you're shopping around on all forum for "answers" to questions that are way beyond the scope of internet discussion boards and must absolutely be calculated and validated by officially hired professional structural engineers and acousticians as there is a risk to building tenants safety and comfort.

It's not because a beam can withstand such loads that the whole building can. In most our non-ground floor (industrial) projects, the structural issues did not come from the local floor beams but from the girders, load bearing walls and/or foundations that could not sustain such cascaded loads.

As I also told you on PRW: hire someone.