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Old 2nd September 2019
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Focus issues (rx100, but prolly many cams)

Hi sluts, I've bought a bunch of fancy-pantsies video equiptment to take baby vids with, an rx100m4 and fancy gimbal,
I thought my vids would be like "dude! your baby vids are so epic they look like they were shot by Peter North for some kind of Lord of the Rings sequel!" but to my dissapointment they are actually terrible.

Problem is, the focus!
When the baby looks right into the camera there are brief moments of super 4k sharpness as the RX100 does the face-recognition focus thing, but then the moment they turn their heads the camera is having trouble finding focus on their dark hair and then the shot is ruined.

When the camera goes out of focus, it doesn't go like "ok we lost focus, let's stay calm, let's assume similar focus range until we pick it up again" but rather it's way too desperate to quickly find something new to focus onto, which is usually the background.

Is there any actual solution to this problem? my imagination says that it would have beeen useful to say "Autofocus but within this set range" but doesn't seem to be any such settings.

I guess I might have to save my nice bokeh Depth of Field shots to static tripod shots, then for my gimbal shots use a F11 so that the focus isn't so sensitive, but that's a bit of shame since that requires so much light/iso and that DoF is nice