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There is a video somewhere on youtube of Paul Isaacs linking two MixPre10Ts via timecode to have 20 tracks of simultaneous recording (dont forget the stereo in which can be used with external mic pres), triggered by the controls on one of the machines. I did inquire with Sound Devices about whether this will work between a MixPre10T and a MixPre10 II, they replied "Yes, you can use timecode and rec run to `link` together. What this means is you can have them run on the same timecode and use Rec Run to trigger the recording function of the slave MixPre-10 "

I believe he may even have set up simultaneous playback as well by routing the outputs of one unit to the stereo in, which I suppose actually makes for 18 usable inputs at once.

Good points above and I'll say again that Sound Devices has been nothing but excellent in their service (I've been on the phone with them numerous times). All and all I'm very satisfied with the product I bought and have made many excellent recordings with it. I still think Sound Devices is a great company.
Thank you flatpicksam, that's good to know, as a pair of 10's would provide me with enough inputs at much lower cost than 'going Scorpio'...