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Old 31st August 2019
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In terms of 'making music' rather than gear speculation: always invest in gear for it's ability to make music rather than as a financial investment.

I paid top dollar for a new 702 recorder around 12 years ago; despite the newer, cheaper variants, the 702 is still as good value as it was when new. The 702 has been an integral component of my 'audio success' - my 10,000 hours - so regardless of the subsequent price of similar products it has held it's value.

Speculating: perhaps this Mix Pre II has a larger production run, with a different design/components with a better scale of economy. The software is matured and perhaps development costs have been re-couped. In todays fast-paced world; novelty is at a premium.

Still, I feel your pain OP...maybe enjoy using such great gear as Sound Devices and profit elsewhere