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EDITED: I need to add, that ANYBODY can design Control Rooms following MyRoom Design Principle if he has enough knowledge and acoustical design skills. Design principles are publicly available.

I am always thankful for that. Having access to these resources is great.
I am not an acoustic designer but enjoy to help people when they ask for my opinion in diy projects. As an example, I have put in practice MyRoom Design Principle and it works well. The simplicity (and beauty) of it may hide the hard work behind the concept.

I always advise to hire (as I did) a professional. There is no alternative if you truly want to develop/design an unique acoustic concept; one that represents YOUR vision of what YOU do. Here is another example, when I've commissioned Boggy to help me develop a new concept for my studio, he kindly accepted and (instead of talking technicalities and impose a set of rules) he asked about my personal life and what my intentions were...why I was thinking about a new room and other things that had a stronger impact in the way things turned out. We are still under way....

In sum, the "human element" always counts and is worth to consider when hiring an acoustic designer.

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