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Seems like Sound Devices made a pretty penny off of all the early adopters, who essentially beta tested the MixPre series for them...
Probably they made the margin then needed to bring the initial design to the market and be as price competitive as they could. It's a quality product, the bugs are inevitable but they will be resolved.

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Yesterday I probably could've sold my mint condition MixPre10T for at least $1600, now I can't imagine it's worth over a grand.
It's dollar value is far exceeded by it's practical value. Use it to create music.

If you think any form of technology today is going to hold it's value you're going to be disappointed. I have a PT HD system here that I paid a fortune for years ago. PCI cards, right before they went to PCIE. Lost it's dollar value overnight. Still does what it did the day I bought it. Got my money out of it by using it and not worrying about it's resale value.

If you really want to know what kind of company they are why don't you go see them. They're in the state right above you. Ask them for a tour of their products, the different lines for different price points, different markets. Ask them what it's like to try and compete in the global market and maintain the quality they're know for.