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Old 30th August 2019
Here for the gear

Of course not, and Sound Devices is really incredible at continuing to develop new innovations both in hardware and firmware. I'll also say that even though some of the bugs have been frustrating, support has been some of the best I've ever experienced with any company (audio gear or otherwise.) I do hope they'll release a firmware update soon and address the remaining issues, though, as some of them have been reported even before the last firmware update. I guess it's just the drastically different price point (and relatively soon after the launch of the original MixPre series) that leaves me scratching my head a little bit. Then again, total speculation here, but I suppose maybe they took a chance releasing the original version and perhaps after its success they're bottom line is up and they're passing some of the profits back to the consumer by offering their newer products at a better price point, which is great. I just wish my investment in their product had held its value a little longer, especially since otherwise I'd probably be interested in upgrading to the new one, but at this point My 10T is now worth probably half of what I paid for it and it's only a year old. Think about the folks who maybe just bought the whole 10T/M plugin/power supply package in the last month or two!