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Old 30th August 2019
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That's good news (at least for the short-term.....although much better news would have been to have discovered the source, and then decisively eliminated it )... but do ensure that you give it a real-world test while recording, such as frequent mouse moves, a few keyboard entries ( eg create and name a few markers), just to rouse up the USB demands on the system while recording is taking place.

Hopefully, such brief momentary loads won't impact upon your recording stream, but if they do, it's better to discover such phenomena on the test track rather than during a critical recording ! Try a few different buffer settings too (eg 32 and 64) and determine if that pushes anything over the edge, and maybe add some realistic tracking plugins too...such as a vocal slap delay and a chorus, as you might when recording vocals ?
Yeah I'll juice up the system maybe run a MIDI keyboard or something to really push it. Good news is I spent another hour or two mixing last night using 20+ plugins in a big project and still no dropouts. I'm wondering if the firewire card wasn't seated well and that may have been my main problem?

thanks for everyone's ideas, I appreciate the troubleshooting knowledge if it didn't help me now with this problem i'm sure it'll help in the future.