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Old 30th August 2019
Here for the gear

New MixPre10 II substantially cheaper than MixPre10T?

I spent $1800 on my MixPre 10T, another $100 for the power supply, and another $100 for the musicians plugin, a total of 2 grand.

Now suddenly the MixPre10 II (with superior features) is released with power supply included for $1399 (at B&H) and an option to get the musicians plugin for $50.

Surely a lot of R&D went into the updated model, and one would assume that the superior hardware is more expensive to manufacture, yet it's substantially cheaper all around.

Seems like Sound Devices made a pretty penny off of all the early adopters, who essentially beta tested the MixPre series for them, as there have been quite a few bugs along the way (several still unresolved, like in the musicians plugin when you record something with reverb and then go back to record over it -- as one would in a vocal session where the vocalist makes a mistake and needs to start over -- you hear the reverb of the prerecorded material as you're re-recording...and if it's only a single track in the project there is no option to clear the audio, meaning you have to start a whole new project..super annoying workflow.)

Yesterday I probably could've sold my mint condition MixPre10T for at least $1600, now I can't imagine it's worth over a grand.

Any other MixPre10 users feeling a little jaded about this?