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Late breaking news:

Two nights ago I'm mixing at a venue that live-streams their shows. I don't know much about this stuff. But apparently doing this, or maybe running the video-switching software that's part of the process, requires a static IP address. Mid-show, around 10:30 pm, Spectrum changes the venue's IP to a dynamic address, whatever that means.

And down we go. Eff you again, Spectrum!
So, if what you were told is literally true then that's absolutely terrible. Refund territory for sure.

As soon as RCN was available here in NY I switched and I've never looked back really. A fair amount more pricey but more solid service on all levels.

PS: A static IP address is basically having the same address on the internet. A dynamic one requires the person connecting to contact an intermediary to get the latest name of the address. So imagine that I send you mail and all I know is your name, not your address. Your physical address "street - number" keeps changing and USPS is the only one who knows it. So I have to tell them I want to send you something and they'll give me the address. But if I just use the last address I have it might have changed and you never get my mail. That's "sort of" how a dynamic IP address works. "" is the name is the address, and it's either always the same ($) or it is dynamic...