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Thanks very much! I'm actually not familiar with much of those catalogs, to be honest, but I think we have a lot of similar fundamental influences. I appreciate the kind words!
When I was real young I knew Eckart Rahn a bit and distributed some of Kitaros silk road in NYC later I created a record company with my Father called - Muse/Art Records. We did a few releases - worked in the same circles of GRP - Dave Gruisin and Will Ackerman etc. I was more focused on that happening trend back them. One record by Larry Chernicoff I executive produced recently got re-released in Germany I believe - let me see if I can find it... here it is

AUDIO - I almost got tarred and feathered (from the majors) for releasing this plus a couple of other albums nationwide well into the Rock only stations (I figured if they could release Born to Run on stodgy FM why not do it the other way around?) it worked but not without heavy blowback - stupid kids right? - it actually was in heavy rotation on many stations and held the 1 slot often against Springsteen and the Police. Dancin in the Dark and Wrapped around your Finger respectively. Crazy times. I really like your music - I am more of into alternative genres now... best of luck.