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This thread is reminding me of a question I remember posing a while back. Apologies in advance that it is not a mic'ing recommendation, but perhaps someone with more information (or an informed guess) will make it useful for everyone, including the OP.

One of my very favorite solo lute recordings is this one by Michael Schäffer:

It has been re-released several times, but I believe it dates from the mid-1970's shortly before his untimely death. I know the producer was Wolf Erichson, who will be familiar to many here, but I have not been able to find any information about how the recording was made in terms of microphone choice, placement, etc.

In fact, quite some time ago, Paul O'Dette was kind enough to respond with some helpful suggestions to an email I sent him directly about this recording, but sadly these did not pan out.

Again, not meaning to derail the thread, but I wonder if any folks here might be in a position to make an educated guess? Many thanks!
Curious to know: what did Paul send you in reference to this session? PM me if you'd rather not divulge in the thread.