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I see the same thing happening. RF is killing the music licensing market. It really doesn't matter whether some agree or not, the low end is filtering its way up the ladder, just as some of us predicted years ago. It is sad, but there may not be an end in sight, and even the high end could be impacted.

The problem is that new editors are learning to cut video to music, and when writing for libraries, we are asked to create music with that in mind - a self-defeating circle of prefabricated pseudo-"creativity".

It won't end until production companies decide they either want to be more creative than the average successful YouTuber, or don't want to end up like the music market - undercut by cheaper library alternatives. But that is happening as well. It is already cheaper to license a $50 RF video clip than hire a cameraman/cinematographer at the mid levels,so production companies are feeling the same pinch on their once sacred territory. Of course feature film and high end advertising still depend on original content, but the markets that feed their future talent pool are headed the other direction.

Outside of the high end, the production market is dying. Content is the main income-generator now, and to feed that market at a much higher pace and much lower cost, the production industry is headed towards a paint-by-numbers automated system.
I agree that it looks like it's just a matter of time till music is pretty much dead except for a few outliers. And that many industries are going the same way. Not just creative, not at all. Truck drivers and self driving cars. Paralegals and algorithms. Radiologists and AI. ATMs - already happened. Cashiers and self check outs. The future is a small group of lobbying billionaires with total power and a pile of plebs fighting over the last loaf of bread.