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Surprised to see, with all the valid points i mentioned, and for validation (as audiophiles understand with validation/unless they hear by own ears ),
sharing couple of youtube links and official reviews to get unbiased and self analysis, makes someone feel so alarmed and worried.
Nobody even said, that SOS review is so spot on regarding accuracy.

And wondering, if without the fonts, bold, underlines, highlights, emojis.. which are provided formating options for a reason, will you read any such long post ?

If you don't make texts more alive and readable (which is a bit old with gearslutz website, requiring codes), and prefer plain old texts, stay happy.

At-least appreciate my hard-work to write replies with well-presentation.

About getting personal like sharing ponzy scheme, wonder about anyone's idea to purchase microphones, just to sell it later and earn money from.

People need to understand, Plugins and electronics are not investments like share market stocks!

@ psycho_monkey is an amazing guy and moderator for this reason only. He has a patience, broad-minded, he very well understood the positives and context i meant to say.
And i agree with him as well as.