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Old 28th August 2019
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Basic Logic X Questions

Hello Gearslutz.... ,

I´ve got some basic Logic X questions, hope you can help.

I can´t open several Plugin Windows with the current settings. Logic will always close the one I´ve opened, when I´m opening another. Could you tell me where I can change this?

Logic always wants to save Channel Strip Settings in the Music Apps Folder and also doesn´t provide the Saves if I save them somewhere else. Can I change this somehow or choose several folders? I´m mixing a set of 4 Songs right now and would like to save it there, probably won´t use it with another mix anyway.

When I´m using Flex Time it sometimes chooses the weirdest material to fill in the Gaps. Can I choose manually which material it shall use or just the different logarithms?

Is there a way to lock the final Track I chose from Takefolders without flatten & merge and treating it like a casual track? Would make it much easier f.e. if I want to change the drums here and there after the whole session is recorded probably even mixed.

And one last mixing question... I´ve got a loud kick on my room mics, which may end up being to loud. Do you have any suggestions how to make it quieter? I already tried to EQ & Multipress but everything I did so far took to much out of the whole Room Signal.

Hope somebody can help me with one or another. Thanks a lot!