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Watching the Iron and Wine sample above he doesn't seem to be whispering into the mic. Like Sinner mentioned above, he seems to be singing like any other folk singer.

So you guys are suggesting that it's a technique to make these vocals sound like they are whispered? By processing the airy part separately, parallel distortion and fast release compression?
You're right none of these performers are actually whispering, they are however not louder than normal conversation at any time. The sound you hear on all the examples above is more about the way each singer is using their voice and microphone than about the use of processing. The common things in all these performances are that the stage is always quiet, and the singers eat the mic every time they sing, so much so that you hear the sound coming from their throat.

I know for a fact that in at least one of these performances there was no compression or effect being was just the singer and how the mic was used. You will not get THIS sound without the explicit and specific performance of the singer.

In the case of Billie Elish, the stage was really quiet with some noise coming from the audience, which isn't really that loud on stage actually, but I suspect an expander was probably in use the few times I've seen her in festivals this year.