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This is from the fevered mind of a Liberal Arts major so take that into account, but . . . Can you take the feed that is fed to the PA and record that and then invert the phase alongside it in the mix? I. E., In you audio editor have the two tracks as they are and then again two tracks phase inverted for a total of four tracks. I'm thinking this should kill the PA. Is this nuts or would something like this work?

OTOH I am thinking if this is such a great idea how is it that only I have thought of it, i.e., others did and the idea did not work.
you mean cancelling out the desk mix by alining it to the tracks of ambi mics and the flipping polarity? if so, no way!! regardless of mics, setup, position, preamp, converter, pa, room ir aby ither factor, a desk mix and an ambient recording never ever sound the same (which besides revealing this fact is telling a few things on minimal recording setup: it's not possible to get the 'real' thing, totally true and unaffect, wire with gain kinda thing...) - partial cancellation is possible though but the remaining sound you will not want to listen to: it'd be a weird phasey mess!

only if you'd have a chance to play the same mix through the pa again and record ambis along with it, then you could invert the phase (on the mix being fed into the pa) and get much better cancellation; however, the effects of the ensemble performing versus just the playback, crowd noise, subtle shifts in the soundfield due to different temperature and humidity cannot be emulated.

so no, nice try but it doesn't work, sorry.