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Watching the Iron and Wine sample above he doesn't seem to be whispering into the mic. Like Sinner mentioned above, he seems to be singing like any other folk singer.

So you guys are suggesting that it's a technique to make these vocals sound like they are whispered? By processing the airy part separately, parallel distortion and fast release compression?
No, what i meant was that by using varying amounts of distortion and/or compression in parallel, you can add to the articulation of a singer, which can help a quiet singer especially.
As Sam pointed out, compression can cause problems on a noisy stage, that is where having the singer eat the mic is extremely helpful, you are gonna need some compression though to get the effect you seem to be looking for, probably an abi 1176 thing or a Distressor can do it to, but do it in parallel for control reasons, as an alternative the right type of parallel distortion can get you into a similar zone.
Unless a whisperer does eat the mic you really don’t stand much of a chance on a noisy stage.